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Welcome to 8Bridges

“We create a buzz before your brand even hits the market”

8bridges provides your business the key stepping stones you need to
Streamline your expansion into the world’s consumer markets…

8Bridges specializes in helping expand your business into new communities, countries and continents. We guide your business across the right bridges by analyzing and translating your brand, identity, goods and services to resonate perfectly with a specified culture thus opening previously locked doors to new opportunities be they across the street or across the globe.

Translating your products to diverse cultures using our proprietary processes can be as easy as 1-2-3.

Phase 1 – CBA Cultural Business Analysis

We provide an in depth analysis of your company’s unique strengths, major selling points, brand identity and cultural perceptions aimed at the specific target group we wish to penetrate. Based on this invaluable feedback, we will create a ‘success blueprint’ for your business.

Phase 2 – Cultural Refacing/ Rebranding for the target Cultural group

From the CBA, we will conceptualize and design a strong PR, advertising and marketing strategy into your “new cultural language” helping you attract new customers locally or abroad depending on the chosen direction of your organization.

Phase 3 – Bridge Building and Execution

The implementation of 8Bridges: the complete building and launching of cultural, strategic, and legal partnerships, PR, marketing, as well as the bridging any governmental regulations will guarantee your success in any marketplace.

Thinking of doing business in a foreign country?

“Our unique cultural business analysis will be your guidepost and bridge to complete
brand exposure and acceptance.

“We create a buzz before your brand even hits the market.”