Take My Business Global  


We create a buzz before your brand even hits the market

Thinking of expanding your products goods or services into a foreign market and its culture? Think once, think twice then think again…
A simple and inadvertent cultural “faux-pas” could easily abort your best efforts.

Culturally correct brand presentation is our specialty – don’t let small cultural details kill your business
Unlike any other business analytics, we incorporate trade secret protected ‘cultural lens to get a unique snapshot of the probability of success in intended area of expansion.
No more confusing jargon. No more gambling with market share or cultural penetration. Just results.
Here are but a handful of examples and cases of major company mishaps. (This would have never occurred had they been our clients)

  • To commemorate the occasionofits initial flights from Hong Kong,United Airlines handed out white carnations to their passengers. Later thelearned that to many Asians white flowers represent bad luck and even death.
  • One company advertised eyeglasses in Thailand by featuring a variety of cute animals wearing glasses. In Thailand animals are considered a low form of life and no self-respecting Thai would ever wear anything worn by animals.
  • Pepsodent tried to market its toothpaste in Southeast Asia once by emphasizing that it “whitens your teeth.” Then they learned the local natives chew betel nuts to blacken their teeth, which they consider very attractive.

It gets even more complex…

  • In many parts of Latin America the “OK” finger sign is considered an obscene gesture.
  • In Islamic countries dogs are considered unclean;
  • Refusing a cup of coffee from a Saudi businessman is considered extremely rude;
  • Pronunciation of the word “four” in china sounds like the word “death” and items
    packaged in foursare unpopular;
  • Mexicans in some regions easily misinterpret a relaxed, reclining posture as tiredness,
    illness or lack of interest;
  • To the Japanese it is considered rude and a sign of ignorance or desperation to lower
    yourself to making direct demands;

With complete foresight, we build your perfect bridges; so you continue to reap the benefits of seamless culture integration and are fully prepared to expect the unexpected.

We Help your Business by:

  • Offering a process patented ‘Cultural Business Analysis’ using multiple cultural lenses to extract previously overlooked data that can make or break your transition into other cultures;
  • Positioning your products in another culture and presenting them in their best possible light;
  • Determining what components you need to add, remove or modify, to assure your offerings are optimally accepted.
  • Showing you how to compete and win in an unfamiliar cultural marketplace.
  • Brand testing and market research.
  • Market testing your brand and creating excitement (“buzz”) for your product before it is actually launched.
  • Finding strategic partnerships with the best resources available and building strong business alliances in your new target market(s).

Once we understand the nature of your business and the markets into which you wish to expand, we will analyze, strategize and implement your ‘Success Blueprint’

You will not have the stress, anxiety and headaches of dealing with:

  • Legal services
  • Location Consultation
  • Branding
  • Translation
  • Registration
  • Accounting Services
  • HR Services
  • Building up your market presence (PR)
  • Governmental relations
  • Building Contacts, Connections and Long-term Business Relationships
  • Marketing Maintenance and Effective Advertising
  • And more, more and more…

All you need to focus on is what you do best. – Profit

Your ‘Success Blueprint’

Phase 1 – CBA (Cultural Business Analysis)

We provide an in depth analysis of your company’s unique strengths, major selling points, brand identity and cultural perceptions aimed at the specific target group we wish to penetrate. Based on our discoveries, we will create a ‘success blueprint’ for your business.

Phase 2 – Cultural Refacing/ Rebranding for the target Cultural group

From the CBA, we will conceptualize and design a strong PR, advertising and marketing strategy into your “new cultural language” helping you attract new customers locally or abroad depending on the chosen direction of your organization.

Phase 3 – Bridge Building and Execution (National – International)

The implementation of 8Bridges: the complete building and launching of cultural, strategic, and legal partnerships, PR, marketing, as well as the bridging any governmental regulations that will guarantee your success in any marketplace.

Does this work for your small business?

Case studies- Type I for SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises):
Building National Bridges for Small to Medium Businesses

Case A – “Hamburger Stand” You have a fairly successful burger business and wish to expand to Dubai. Instead of moving operations to Dubai immediately, and risking massive amounts of resources (time and capital) 8Bridges will help you analyze exactly what is needed to penetrate your local Arabic Market first. This springboard strategy to Dubai will allow you allow you to capture new customers in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

Case B – “Architecture Firm” You offer specialized architectural design work. What country or cultural group would be best suited to your services? What are the design opportunities? (Hotels, Shopping Malls, Museums, Cultural centers, commercial high rises, resorts

and high end residences) What are the environmental and political restrictions? Are their budgets congruent with the nature of the projects?

We’ll gather the analytics, do the market research based on needs and demographics and create a customized ‘Business Blueprint” to help you orchestrate a step by step action plan to systematically overcome any hurdles your project may encounter.

We are THE solution No need to physically or geographically relocate to another country in order to stretch your reach. With 8Bridges as your associates, your ‘Success Blueprint’ is more than sure to become a reality.

Big Businesses: Building International Bridges

Using this invaluable knowledge and information gleaned from our customized “Cultural Business Analysis’ and ‘Business Blueprint’ we will then catapult your growth into new countries, new markets and new dimensions. Whether it’s building a manufacturing plant in China, a distribution channel in Turkey or create a new call center in the Philippines, we can help you accomplish just about any expansion project.